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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML sitemap is basically a data file which includes the details of all the pages which are present in your website. These pages are those which you want to show to the users or search engines so that a search engine can crawl it easily. In simple words a sitemap is, as its name suggest mapping of a website. Basically it is necessary for such a large website which had many pages of numbers is present. Also for website which is comparatively small, this sitemap is necessary because it shows the updated data (updated content of the website) to the search engine. It will help to crawling of your website. The sitemap is necessary for the new websites or blogs because for new blogs the backlinking is not good hence with the help of sitemap it shows all the pages to search engines.

It is not help to increase your ranking on search engines but it increase the data of your site on the search engines.

How to generate XML sitemap

Our SEO tool can help to generate your XML Sitemap. As like our other tool it is simple and helpful, you just need to enter your domain detail and some other required details and rest is our work.   

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