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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL rewriting or manipulation of URL is basically the thing by which you can change the current URL of your website. Sometime when you are registering your domain name then it is not possible that you find a good and catchy name for your website and suddenly you need the changes in the URL of your website. Here you can use our tool. This is what you can do with your current website URL. This is a use in good manner of that tool. Sometime when your website is targeted by hackers then you need to change your URL name because it is not safe, so at this time you can use URL rewriting tool. In past years this process is done by various programming but it is now easy to rewrite your URL.

How to use URL Rewrite Tool

Our SEO tool URL Rewriter is easy to use because in this tool you just need o enter your domain name and then you get various options for the URL. This is the simplest process in which you can prevent your website with hackers. So use our tool and get benefited from this.  Even for a catchy name you can use this SEO tool.

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