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About Social Stats Checker

Social stats checker is our SEO tool which is used to check the status of your website in the social media platforms. This is analytical tool which can be used for analysis of any website such as how many likes on the Facebook page of that website or how many Google+ share on this website or how many likes on pinterest. Basically it is good for the blog website for whom the likes or comments on social media platforms are necessary. This tool is necessary for the website owners too who are rely on the others for their employees or for the persons who hired for their website promotions on social platform. You can use this tool for analysis of any website because it will provide you the correct and present status of your website on the various social media platform.

How can you use this social stats checker SEO tool?

This is very simple tool which can be use by simple way just like our other tools. You just need to enter the website address or the link of your web page in the clipboard and then our tool will start its work. It will give you the data regarding the status of your website.

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