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About Server Status Checker

Server status checker is our SEO tool which is use to check the current status of the server on which your website is working. The status of a website such as it is working on various servers such as HTTP, FTP, and SQL. This is necessary because as a website owner you need to be updated about the thing that on which server your website is working and on which not. It is not necessary that in whole world same server is accessed by different users. So your website needs to be supported by every server (most of the server). This status can help you to increase the visibility of your website in different areas of the globe across the different users. Obviously when you note the thing that your website can not accessed by a server then you try to change that fact, hence after some technical points you able to find your website on different servers.

How to use the Server Status Tool

The server status tool can be used by simply adding the URL of your website in the clipboard. Then by clicking on the submit option you can find the current server status of your website.

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