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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is executed in a manner by which Blog SEO Tools is deal with the information collects by users or their discloser rights, use of that information.

Identification Number or Detail (personal)

We may collect the personal information of a user during the visit of our page. Whenever user starts to follow our blog we can ask him for the Email Address as well as their names and other personal details. This is only done with the mutual understanding between user and us.

Identification Detail (non personal)

We may collect the non personal identification details with the users when they try to interact with us. The non personal details are such that Browser detail of user, type of the computer and other technical stuff.

Browser Cookies

We can use the browser cookies of that user for increase the efficiency of our blog. By this we can help the user to provide better experience. Also it can sometime use to track the users activities. Users had the rights to refuse or to maintain their privacy by not allowing us to check the cookies. But if user chooses this option they can have some problems with our blog.

The manner in which we use the collected information

To send Emails-: we can use the Emails of users to send the answers to their queries, also to send the information about our new blogs.

To run a survey-: whenever we had a survey on our blog we can us the information of a user.

To give personalize experience to the user-: by using the information we can treat any user as personal user. We can provide some special benefits to the users.

Protection of Information

Guys we had our own storage resources on which we store your data. Our storage system is fully secure and not every person had the rights to excess this data. Only authorized persons can use this data for the purpose according to the company’s guideline

Google Adsense

W e had a partnership with Google adsense, so some of the advertisement which appears on our site can be directed by Google. These Ads are directly responsible to the Google. Users can check the terms and condition of these Ads on Google Adsense web page.  Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Rights to change the privacy policy

The company had the rights to change this privacy policy according to its convenience. We can send you the details when we change it.

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