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About Page Size Checker

The SEO tool page size checker is as simple as its name. Page Size Checker is used for checking the total length of a web page. Even you can check the size of whole website by this tool. But the question is here that why we need to check the web page size. In Some devices such as mobile, sometime show that the page is oversized so we can not show this to you. This type of error occurs when the page size of a web page is too large. When the page size of a web page became large then we need to split this page into two pages so that this page can show to every device. By using this tool we can easily know the page size of a webpage and then can arrange according to your requirement. Hence this is a very useful tool. If your website is low page size then it will increase your page speed.

How can you use Page Size Tool?

This is a simple tool like our other tools. You just need to enter your domain name or you can enter your web page link directly whose web page size you want to know. Then rest work is done by our tool. In next few seconds you will be able to know the size of that web page.

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