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About Page Authority Checker

Page authority checker is same like our tool Domain authority checker. The between these two tool are only that domain authority checker is belong to entire domain and page authority checker is for a single webpage. This is also a score between 1 to 100, and like the previous one it wills well if it is higher. Actually both the tools are based on the Moz rank of a website, also it is directly belongs to the Mozilla browser. If you are using this tool then it means that you are concerned with the web page popularity and as a website owner you should be concerned with that. When you able to check each page authority score then you can easily update each page with some higher functions for the higher authority.

How to use this Page Authority Tool

You can use this simple tool for a web page by adding its direct address to the clipboard. Even this tool can be used for the bulk checking. You can check around 20 pages at a time with the help of this tool. Then by checking all the data on the internet it will provide you the status of web page.

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