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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online ping of your website is simply like that you are sharing your web page to different other website. In easy words ping is necessary to a blog website in which there is a new article is post and the owner want to customize it to various peoples, So that the blog can be read by various peoples and gain popularity. Normally a Blogger use FB, G+ and many other social networking platform to make popular his blog, but in case of a website it is something different. For a website it is necessary when you enter a new web page on your website so you need to advertise it and this work is done by pinging your website to other websites.

Some techies say that it increase your web page rank but the truth is it is only advertise your web page hence if your web page is good it automatically gain popularity and rank gain in search engine rank and alexa rank.

How to ping your website

Whenever you want to ping your new web page or blog just come to us and use our tool, it is simple and you just need to provide little details and rest work is done by our tool.

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