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About Mozrank Checker

Mozrank checker is our SEO tool for checking the global rank of a link. It is similar like Google page rank differs in matter that it belongs to the popularity of link. This is based on the data of search engine. The measurement of rank of a link is defined on a logarithmic scale. This log scale is between 1 to 10. This scale is defined as a popularity rank for link as in this to increase a rank is much tough. In this it is easy to increase the rank 2 to 3 from 9 to 10. This is necessary because by this you can check the availability of the link on the internet. When you find the popularity of your link then you can take further action for this. For example if it is 2 on the scale then you can increase it with some technical stuff. It is the same thing like when you find that your alxa rank is not good then you increase the quality of your website.

How to check the Moz rank

The Mozrank can be checked by entering your link on clipboard then you can submit this and you will find your score in few seconds.

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