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About Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile friendly test is our SEO tool which helps you to provide knowledge about the website domain that it is helpful for the mobile or not. Basically in all recent studies researcher founds that bloggers and web pages traffic is much more by the mobile devices. So it is good for any website that it will be a mobile friendly website. If your web page is mobile friendly then there are more chances to get traffic on the web page. Even this tool will help more to the bloggers because more users on this planet of internet are belongs to Mobile devices due to the recent advancements in the Smartphone technology. So it is good for any website that it will help a mobile screen to capture all the data of a web page.  If it is not support the mobile screen then there are possibilities that you will lost your users who use the mobile devices. Mobile Friendly Test SEO Tool can check your website made in reposnive development or not.

How to use this mobile friendly test tool

Users simply can use this tool by adding their domain name. Then our tool will go to your domain and try to capture its data in a mobile screen shot and then according to it give your score.

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