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About Link Analyzer

Link analyzing is something that you are analyzing the response of your website. It is same like that you are looking for feedback that how much links are connecting to your webpage. Link analyzer of a website is necessary because with the help of this data you can find the response and the link which are connected throw you. This is base on to type of linking that are Internal Link and External link. Internal link is such that the numbers of your own web page link which are connecting throw it. External link are something that the links which are not related to the own web page. Link analyzer tool is very useful for those who want to know that how much connections we had with our web page. Internal links are not necessary but the external link are useful, even can follow that links so the connections are made permanently between that link and your link.

How to analyze the link connecting capacity of your web page

This is same like other tool just enter your domain name and our tool provide you the total number of internal and external link and also allow you to follow them.

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