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About Get HTTP Headers

Get HTTP Header is our SEO tool which is use for the technical purpose that is during the state when a user press enter for search any topic on search engine then search engine first send the request to the server so that it can access the data of that server then this request is accept by the server. The time between the request sending and accepting is the time which is requires minimizing for any search engine to get higher surfing speed. This can be done by technical persons by knowing the HTTP Header details. These HTTP Header details were provided by our tool. This is necessary for any website because if the time between the request sending and accepting is too much then users wont return to your website. Hence it will effect on your website traffic. So it is necessary for a website owner to reduce this time.

How to use this Get HTTP Header Tool?

This tool can be used by anyone but the purpose only can be justified by the technical persons. To use this tool you need to enter your website address and then rest work is done by our tool. You will be able to know the HTTP Header details.

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