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About Email Privacy

Email privacy tool is our tool for providing the detail of webmail’s to the users and their privacy that how secures these webmail’s are. Users can find their website mails detail such as how secure you’re incoming and outgoing emails are, is there any bug in your mail folder. This tool is for basically for website owners who is belong to a company. For example if you are the owner of the IT Company and you are recruiting for the candidates then obviously your website had find many Emails. It is not possible that every mail will send from secure server, some mails are from unsecure servers. So for checking these mails detail you can use our tool. You will find secure your website if you use our tool because when you find any bug in the mail and the detail about the mail and its server then you will probably block this server and mail; hence your server will remain safe from the bug.

How to use Email Privacy tool

You just need to enter the detail of your website in the clipboard and then submit it. In next few seconds you find the detail about the websites mail.

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