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Domain name system (DNS) is basically the name by which you can identify the various websites. Similarly an IP is the unique number for a website by which the internal network of a computer recognized a website. We can say that Domain name and IP is the head and tail of a coin. Now the thing is that why we need to convert our domain name into IP? Sometime when a computer network is not recognized a domain name of a website then you need to enter the IP address of a website. For this purpose you had always the IP address of a website. IP address is assign to each and every Domain name in the server. As we know that the network system is only understand the language of binary bits code (IP), so what we need to do is we always had our IP address so if we face any problem with DNS than we can apply IP address to recognize a website.

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Our Domain into IP SEO Tool is simple to use. You just need to enter your domain name in next few seconds you can able to find your IP address.

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