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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Dmoz or previously domain name directory .Mozilla .org is basically a directory on which you can list your website. This is basically for providing a better status to your website. Our SEO tool is used for checking the status of your website. The Mozilla is one of the largest website listed organization where you can register your website. It enhances the chances of your websites better Alxa ranking. It is an open directory project so there are many websites which are registered in it. By Dmoz listing a website had more chances to get better rankings in the search engines operations. It is a free and open database so you can easily list your website.

How to use our SEO tool Dmoz Listing Checker

The SEO tool for checking the status of a website whether it was registered or not in the directory can easily used by each an every person. Even a non technical person can also use our tool. What you need to do is just enter your domain name and click on the submit point. Then you can find the latest status of the website on Dmoz database. Our tool will provide the detail about the listing status of website.

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