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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker is our SEO tool which is use to check the exact HTML code to Text (which is actually written on web page) Ratio. It is very necessary SEO tool because the Code to Text Ratio is effect on the Google page ranking. If the Code to Text Ratio is higher then, the chances of getting higher page rank are too good. Because search engines including Google and others when find a web page in the index then they had their eyes on the text content, so it is very necessary tool for SEO purpose. If you able to know the thing that your content is not enough according to the HTML code then obviously you try to remove this problem by adding extra text or content on the web page. It will assure the quality of a web page when comes around the higher code to text ratio.

How to check Code to Text Ratio

Code to Text Ratio can easily found by our tool. Users just need to enter the domain name of website or the link of a web page and then the work is done by our SEO tool you will get the knowledge about ratio.

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