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About Check GZIP compression

Our SEO tool namely as check gzip compression, is useful for checking the status of your website data that it is available for the compression or not and if it is available for the compression then how much data we can compress it in term of percentage. For example if there are too much pictures in the content of your web page then it means that you can compress your data more because picture quality of a picture can be made less. It is a good tool for those website owners who don’t have enough space on their web server. If your web server does not have too much have space for your new project and you are unable to get new space on your server then you can use this tool and check the status that how much you can compress your data. If you know that you can compress your data then you easily go for this option and use any tool to compress your data for saving the space on your server.

How to use GZIP compression tool?

You just need to enter your website address on space and rest work is done by our tool. It will provide you the status about the compression of data.

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