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About Broken Links Finder

Broken link finder is our SEO tool which is used to check the internal and external links current status, which is earlier related with the website or blog. In simple language we can say that when a website or a blog linked with any other website URL then it is called live link. These live link are activated through the time when you are active on your website or on your blog but these link may broke due to any reason such as: you are not contacted them, server problem, bad networks. It will take your website in a problem that you won’t find any link for your webpage which you established earlier. Now this time you need this SEO tool. Our SEO tool will help you to take a note on those links which are broken. So when you find that your established links are broken by any reason then obviously you will try to maintain a relation with those links and it will help you to maintain the relation.

How to use Broken Link Finder

For use this tool you need to enter your website domain link. Then our tool will show you the internal and external links which are working or broken of your website.

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