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Back linking is a technology in which a websites various web pages are connected to each other. In simple word when you open a website you are reaching to websites home page. Then if you open another webpage (for example notification page)  on same website, than on top there is a path shown that you are first at Home and now you are on Notification page, this is called back linking. It is useful for such websites in which various web pages are present.

 The back linking is important because if you enter the name of a webpage and its sub webpage (for example www. NPTEL/computer it is directly open the sub page of website (computer science page of NPTEL). It shows the quality of a website. Visit Backlink Checker

If there is no back linking available for a website than no matter you enter the name of sub page or not it is directly open the Home page of a website. It degrades the quality of website. If user not able to open its required page directly, it is become a time consuming job for user, and guys we had every thing but not time.

You can use our tool for back link making.

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