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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa rank is basically a ranking system by which you can check that how much traffic was there on your website. In 1996 Alexa Internet released this system. In this system there are a toolbar given to the various websites on different web browser such as CHROME, FIREFOX, and INTERNET EXPLORER on the top of these browsers. Earlier the Alexa ranking was only given to that website which had the toolbars given by Alexa. But now these days the Alexa rank is give to all websites, due to reason that the toolbars are given to the Browser.

The traffic rank is necessary for the websites to improve their quality. It is same like when you get lower rank in your exam then you try hard to get better rank. So when you find that your website traffic rank is low then you try to improve your website by some top class methods. Also this indicates the quality of your website by the fact that how much peoples love your website.

How to check Alexa rank of your website

There is simple method that you can use our tool for check the rank. By adding your domain name you can check your Alexa rank.

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